Make running your practice a breeze by using Hoxro LMS Legal Practice Management Software. Analyze & assess the performance of your team. Identify roadblocks to efficiency. Be armed with up to date financial information which would enable you to make the right decisions. Hoxro LMS Legal Practice Management Software allows you to see the whole picture.

Easily Manage your Work
  • Instantly check how much work you have and what the realizable value of the work is by using the tools supplied by Hoxro LMS Legal Practice Management Software.

  • Check how well your staff are performing. Are they hitting their target billing for the month?
  • Hoxro LMS Legal Practice Management Software will provide live information, which allows you to utilize your staff in the best way for your business.
  • Take pressure off from overworked staff.
  • Highlight those staff who are underutilized.
  • Allocate resources accordingly.
  • Identify the need for the requirement of new skills and recognize where existing skills are surplus to requirement.
  • Compare the performance of teams and individuals.
  • Let Hoxro LMS work with you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  • Unlock your true potential.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Increase your Bottom Line
  • See what practice areas are making you the most money, by using Hoxro LMS in-built CRM capability.
  • Decide which areas to grow and which to reduce.
  • Decide where to allocate your resources intelligently.

  • Compare performance using your relevant criteria.

  • Implement long-term business strategies and monitor the performance in a real and meaningful way.

  • Help identify and unlock KPIs for growth & profit.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Make Well Informed Financial Decisions
Hoxro LMS Legal Practice Management Software provides the tools to view and control various aspects of your business.

  • From reviewing matters to analyzing new matters opened and closed or when seeing the larger picture of KPI’s and management accounts.

  • Data can be easily reported on and analyzed.

  • Hoxro Legal Practice Management Software ensures that you make the best financial decisions for your legal practice.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Be Bar Compliant all the time
Remaining bar compliant is crucial to ensure longevity and integral to running a legal practice.

Hoxro LMS Legal Practice Management Software arms you with the tools to build in and monitor these checks and balances so that you make legal practice your primary aim.

You can rest assured that your legal practice is in good hands.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.
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