Finance & Accounting

Hoxro LMS presents the Finance & Accounting Module, which enables the user to manage & monitor all aspects of your finance & accounting requirements with ease.

Fully Integrated Legal Accounting Software
Hoxro LMS has a Fully Integrated Legal Accounting Software that is always connected to your matters. Easily make ledger entries, view nominal ledgers and produce management accounts. View live Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss accounts. Manage Trust Accounts and create new bank accounts. Hoxro Legal Accounting Software is fully optimized for IOLTA trust accounting.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Simplified Postings
Make posting accounts easy by using Hoxro LMS’s Legal Accounting Software. Make single or multiple entries in seconds using our interactive posting screens with pre-mapped double entry accounting. Dynamically add and change tax rates. Hoxro Legal Accounting Software allows postings to be made with minimum data entry.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Full Financial Audit
View and track all financial entries from a single screen. Hoxro Legal Accounting Software comes with full audit logs. Easily export these transactions to excel spreadsheets. Filter data on screen by Bank Reconciled, Tax Reconciled, Date created and Created by. Analyze posting corrections and reversals and have accurate financial data all the time.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Advanced Financial Accounting
Hoxro Legal Accounting Software is set to deal with Multi-Company accounting. Where your firm is part of a larger group, Hoxro Legal Accounting Software will consolidate the accounting entries allow these to be included in the Group Financial Ledgers.

Have you need to bill and receive monies other than dollars? Hoxro Legal Accounting Software allows you to deal in multi-currencies. Simply set the exchange rate of the foreign currency whilst keeping the base currency as dollars.

Hoxro Legal Accounting Software recognizes that accounting for Work in Progress (WIP) is essential to law firms as this is the main asset of the Balance Sheet and the most important KPI for future sustained growth. Work recorded is captured as WIP and can be readily reported on.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.
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