Hoxro LMS Legal Document Management Suite is an intelligently designed document manager with in-built editing capability. Safely store your bespoke documents in our custom designed Library. All common formats are supported. Collaborative edit your legal documents with ease.

Quick Legal Document Creation
Hoxro LMS Legal Document Management Suite allows the user to produce letters and documents quickly and seamlessly.

Pull relevant templates and precedents from the Library and attach to a matter in seconds.

Letters and legal documents can be mail merged with the client or contact’s details, such as name, address, date of birth, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of the matter.

Hoxro LMS allows the user to record the time and charge rate. This process is truly automated. Got something wrong? Check out the preview screen and amend accordingly. Full version control and audit log.

Hoxro LMS supports all common file formats, such as documents, spreadsheets, images & videos [insert file icons].

How quickly can you draft a letter?

I bet you can draft a letter quicker in Hoxro LMS! See for yourself by clicking the ‘Live Demo’ button.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Version Control of Legal Documents
Hoxro LMS Legal Document Management Software allows you to view previous versions of documents. Not happy with your current version? Hoxro LMS enables you to restore previous versions. Work collaboratively and see changes made by colleagues. Keep a full audit log of any work carried out.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Legal Document Library
Hoxro LMS Legal Document Management Software provides a fully optimized library facility capable of holding thousands of legal documents, precedents and drafts. Use the in-built sorting and filtering facility to find and store your documents in accordance with the different practice areas. Upload documents by using the drag and drop facility.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.
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