Manage your matters with ease using Hoxro LMS Case & Matter Management Software. Hoxro LMS Case Management Software has been designed with you in mind. Work more efficiently and more productively using our sophisticated Legal Management System. Want to try before you buy? Press the ‘live demo’ button to see how Hoxro LMS Case Management Software performs in real time.

Not Just a Matter Screen
As soon as you log in to Hoxro LMS Case Management Software, you will come face to face with all your matters. Pin the matters that are most important to you. You will spend the clear majority of your working day on this screen and it is therefore crucial that it is user friendly and navigable. You can view your task and emails from the matter screen. You can carry out tasks from the matter screen. You can send emails from the matter screen. View your appointments from the matter screen. Alternatively, you can design what you want on the matter screen. The choice is yours. Set your matter screen and it will be set for all your devices.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology
Work as a Team
Collaborative working is made simple by Hoxro LMS. Use our in-built chat to communicate with colleagues. Want to work with your colleague on a document. Hoxro LMS makes case management easy with the enhanced editing tool. You can literally work together whilst being in different offices.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology
Boost Productivity & Performance
Keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

Hoxro LMS Case Management Software allows you to monitor how your team are doing.

  • Are targets being met?
  • Have tasks been carried out?
  • Check if that letter has been drafted?

Hoxro LMS ensures that there is no hiding place. Check when a matter was last accessed and worked on with a click of a mouse. You have at your fingertips the tools to drill down into your team’s performance, to ensure that targets have been met. Manage your staff without having to leave your seat.

Hoxro LMS Case & Matter Management Software provides you with the tools to ensure quality of output is maintained.

Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology
Choosing the right Case & Matter Management Software
Legal Technology advancements have given rise to very sophisticated and intelligent Case Management Software.

Modern Case Management Software now work with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Bots. Whilst all these features can be of great benefit, it is important that you do not lose sight of the basic feature of Case Management.

Hoxro LMS Case Management Software is built with simplicity in mind whilst being effective for all types of users. Whether you are an advanced or basic user, Hoxro LMS Case Management Software can benefit you and your organization by being the most important business tool of yours.

Built on the latest and modern web and mobile technology, Hoxro LMS allows you to work as you choose.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology
HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.
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