The Legal Billing Suite

Draft your own Legal bills using our simple Legal Billing Software. Hoxro LMS enables the user to draft all types of bill, be it fixed, contingency or hourly. See for yourself by clicking the ‘live demo’ button.

Intuitive Legal Billing Software
Hoxro Legal Billing Software allows you to make quick legal bills with ease. Whatever your agreement is with the client of fixed, itemized or contingency Legal Bills, Hoxro Legal Billing Software is capable of recognizing these. Hoxro Legal Billing Software allows you to produce simple bills to itemized bills quickly.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Time Recording Options
Hoxro Legal Billing Software by default will charge and record time. User however have the option to change time recorded as non-chargeable. Users choose the work they would like to include in their bills. Hoxro Legal Billing Software gives full transparency of the bill.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Collaborative Legal Billing
Hoxro Legal Billing Software enables the user to draft bills in a collaborative environment. Send bills between colleagues to ensure that charging has been maximized and nothing has been missed. Drafting and managing legal bills is simple with our integrated Legal Billing Software.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Keeping control of cash flow is essential to all businesses. The Legal Industry is no different. Credit Controllers can use the Hoxro Legal Billing Software to control unpaid and part paid bills. They can easily filter bills by payee, see the aged debtors and forecast cash flow with ease.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Expense Recording
Hoxro Legal Billing Software allows lawyers to record the expense by matter such as travel and other ad hoc expenses. These will be automatically included when the matter is billed, avoiding the likelihood of forgetting these small or large amounts.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Disbursements Recording
Spending on behalf of the client is not common to normal trading businesses. However, this is very common for the legal industry. Lawyers regularly would pay disbursements such as search fees and court costs on behalf of client which they would claim back from the client. Hoxro Legal Billing Software records disbursements with ease.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

Client Ledger Transactions
View Client Ledger transactions as they happen. Hoxro Legal Billing Software records Client Ledger Transactions such as any moneys paid in by the client or paid out to the client. This integrates with the Trust Accounting in the finance module.
Hoxro - Cutting-edge legal technology

HOXRO has everything you need for your Legal Practice.
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